Google is about to erase years of your website data

Here’s how to rescue it.

Countdown to UA Data Deletion








The Upcoming Deletion of Universal Analytics


Last year Google Analytics finalized the transition to GA4 by stopping all data collection on Universal Analytics (UA) accounts. And this year, an even more important change is coming:

On July 1st, 2024 Google will be deleting all Universal Analytics accounts and data.

This means that all data collected prior to installing GA4 is about to be erased. For most organizations, this will erase years of data collected about website performance, audience insights, top performing tactics and growth.

Rescuing Your Data

Google has offered two suggestions for saving Universal Analytics data.

However, in exploring these options for my clients, neither seemed like a good solution for retaining historical data in a useful way. So I created a third option. 

Google Solution 1: Manual Exporting Account Data

      • Pros: Free. No additional tools needed. Exporting process is relatively straightforward.
      • Cons: Splits years of data across multiple spreadsheets or PDFs. Non-visual. Challenging to find and analyze specific data points. Requires manually building and exporting multiple reports.

Google Solution 2: Google Big Query Export

      • Pros: Stores large amounts of data. Enables advanced data analysis with Big Query tools.
      • Cons: Only available for paid Google Analytics 360 accounts (which excludes this option for most). High ongoing costs. Requires a high level of technical expertise.

Vetrano Digital Solution 3: A Custom-Built Dashboard

      • Pros: Custom built report for your organization. Visualized metrics. Designed to showcase place marketing KPIs. Simplifies gathering historic insights and analyzing trends.
      • Cons: Missed opportunity to become an Excel data master.

Get a Custom Built Dashboard for Your Place Organization

Pulls historical data from your UA account into a downloadable Looker Studio report.


Organizes and visualizes years of engagement, audience and channel insights.

Built with places in mind. KPIs that are important for measuring place growth and marketing impact over time.

Combines high level trend data with in-depth metric tables for easy analysis.


Branded and customizable to capture any additional data that is important to your organization.


Arrives fully configured with your data, so no additional work for your team.

Request Your UA Data Archive Dashboard

Cost: $500 USD


Measuring long
term growth

Establishing  benchmarks

Analyzing audience behavior and trends

Reviewing top performing content 

Tracking channel perfomance

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