Tourism Case Study:

Expanding the Reach of Cayuga’s Cultural Branding

Sharing Cayuga’s Historical Legacy With Multicultural Travelers

Services Provided

Strategic planning
Paid Social
Paid Video & Display
Analytics Configuration
Custom Reporting Dashboard

nnewProject Overview

After launching a new brand honoring and highlighting the rich Black history and cultural attractions of the region, Cayuga County, New York wanted to reach more audiences likely to resonate with the value that “where you go matters”. 

 Vetrano Digital was honored to partner with Tour Cayuga and The Culturist Group, the leading multicultural marketing communications practice for travel brands, to achieve this goal. 

Destination Background

As the chosen home of Harriet Tubman, Cayuga County has a lot to offer visitors, particularly for travelers looking for destinations with deep and meaningful cultural experiences.

Tour Cayuga had recently worked with The Culturist Group to develop the Make It Count destination brand; engaging community leaders and conducting immersive research to build a brand and creative assets that authentically connected with diverse audiences.

Once the new brand was finalized, The Culturist Group and Tour Cayuga partnered with Vetrano Digital to craft and implement a strategic paid campaign to reach audiences that would connect with the new, culturally-focused messaging. 


The Work

Cayuga’s goal for this program was to reach and engage niche segments of their target audience; particularly Black and Hispanic travelers with strong interests in Black history, cultural attractions, outdoor activities and/or wine tourism. 

After building a strategy laser-focused on reaching these specific audience segments, we launched a three month multichannel campaign focused on driving meaningful, measurable engagement. 

To help the Cayuga team showcase the deeper impact of the investment to stakeholders, we configured the website analytics to track important conversion events such as guide downloads, e-newsletter registrations and clicks on partner links, and build a custom dashboard report for easy ongoing reporting. 

By the end of the program, each of the campaigns had exceeded every platform benchmark and KPI goal originally established.





Conversion rate from paid ads


stronger engagement than travel benchmarks


More sessions than forecasted due to high performance


Downloads, Enews Sign Ups & Partner Clicks


testimonial here

Claire Dunlap, CDTP

Director of Marketing & Sales, Tour Cayuga

Brianna took the time to understand the depth and importance of our well-informed brand messaging and in doing so, delivered a creative, strategic and an highly-effective media plan that over performed against the audiences we set out to influence. We’re proud of our work together and the positive benefits this campaign has facilitated for this community.

Danny Guerrero, MBA

CEO/Founder, The Culturist Group


Segment audiences into interest-based groups, with specific messaging aligned with each.


Geotarget neighborhoods with multicultural populations in key cities.

Launch video, display and social ads across platforms, retargeting users to stay top of mind and encourage conversions.

Optimize campaigns throughout the program to maximize conversions and KPIs.

Configure analytics to track and report meaningful engagement to better measure ROI.